Shrinking Violet – The Revolutionary Body Inch Loss Wrap From Tibby Olivier

  • Non Invasive
  • Removes fat from difficult areas
  • Painfree
  • Reduce by a dress size in just 1 treatment
  • For best results a course of 6 is required
  • We recommend you drink plenty of water, no alcohol or proccessed food allowed 3 days before you start your course


One Treatment £50

Book a course of 5 now and you will receive 1 FREE! £250


Unlike most other body wraps on the market Shrinking Violet is a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort.

Shrinking Violet Lotion contains a higher percentage of Hydrolysed Lecithin than any other products on the market, which is one of the reasons why it’s so effective. This Hydrolysed Lecithin encourages Lyposis to occur –  breaking down triglycerides inside the fat cells into free fatty acids which are easily transported away from the cells and excreted in tissue fluid a through the lymph system. To give your skin a treat whilst you have the body wrap, the lotion also contains organic essential oils of Lavender, to rejuvenate, cleanse and tone; Cypress, to balance as well as help with cellulite; and Juniper, which helps minimise menstrual oedema and swelling.

The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build and metabolism, but many people may reduce by at least one whole size after the first treatment. There is no need to shower after as the product is absorbed in the skin. The product must stay on your skin for 72 hours as it is still working and you will see the maximum effect after 72 hours.

Shrinking Violet is an excellent jump start to a new and slimmer you. Combine the Shrinking Violet inch loss wrap with exercise and healthy eating for optimum results.

Danielle Lloyd used the Shrinking Violet inch loss wraps to get her post pregnancy figure back and loves them! Other celebs that use it are Kym Marsh and Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore. For maximum results we recommend a six week course with homecare also.