Massage  has been used for thousands of years all around the world. It reduces stress, improves circulation, helps digestion and can relax an invigorate muscles to prevent stiffness and increases suppleness. The entire body benefits directly from massage including: the skin, muscles, circulatory system and lymphatic and nervous systems. Massage is sutible for people of any age. Pregnant women, Post-natal women, children, babies, the elderly.


Massage can help with the following complaints and conditions:

  • Increases blood supply, oxygen intake and toxin release
  • Muscle tone can be improved
  • Can help to increase flexibility and mobility of muscles and joints
  • Cramps and other muscular spasms can be alleviated
  • Can be a form of exercise for those who are unable to participate in any physical activity
  • Working muscle against the bone can help to clear toxic adhesions which may have built up and also will feed and nourish the bone itself and neighboring joints
  • Will help to encourage growth and development of bones
  • Can alleviate mild postural deformities
  • Stimulates and improves circulatory system thereby boosting the immune system also stimulating lymphatic flow
  • Can improve the condition of the lungs due to deeper breathing
  • Skin conditions may improve due to increase blood flow and sebum production
  • Digestion and elimination can be greatly improved
  • Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain as well headaches can be relieved and treated
  • Oedema or swelling can be significantly reduced
  • Elevates stress and can be useful for combating depression, insomnia and lethargy


Our qualified and experienced massage therapists at The Beauty Room are able to offer many different types of massages you could choose from.


Indian head massage

Includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, ears and energy balancing. Ideal for complete relaxation, headache sufferers and those who suffer from shoulder, neck or head tension.


Price List
Indian Head Massage £30
Full Body Massage £45
Back and Neck Massage £23
Body Exfoliation £15