Fancy something a little more special than the standard manicure?

Gelish is the latest award winning trend as seen on celebrity hands this past awards season in Hollywood.

• The Only 5* Product On The Market
• 2015 Winner – Nails – Readers Choice Awards
• 2011 Winner – Elle Beauty IT List
• 2010 Winner – Most Innovate Product

The idea behind Gelish gel-polish was simple yet scientifically complex: invent a brush-on nail lacquer that goes on like polish, yet stays on like gel…lasts and lasts and lasts, for 21 days of glorious, shiny, polished perfection.

Also there’s no odour, no damage to natural nails, no wasted time waiting for it to be applied or dry: Gelish light-cures in seconds (30 seconds in an LED lamp, a few minutes in a UV lamp), so you’re all set and ready to dig in your purse for your keys and get out the door fast. Or, for gorgeous feet, even if you’ll be walking on beach sand, a Gelish pedicure is ideal: not only does Gelish dry shiny in mere minutes, but it will also stay that way — no matter what. Gelish soaks completely off in only 10 minutes.

The Benefits Of Gelish:
• No Peeling
• No Chipping
• No Cracking
• No Smudging
• Flawless Finish
• Soaks Off In 15 Minutes

Gelish Is Also Great For Nail Biters! Gelish Allows Your Nails To Grow Whilst Nourishing The Natural Nail Underneath. There Is No Damage To Your Nails During Application.
Once You’ve Tried Gelish, You’ll Be Hooked! 


Gel Hands £25
Gel Feet £25
Gel Feet & Pedicure   £30

Loyalty cards are available with a Gelish Manicure or Pedicure, giving you 5th application half price!