Little Ladies Pamper Parties 

'Our expert and caring staff members at Finesse will make each and every one of the young ladies feel extra special'.

A children's hair & makeup party allows the girls to feel like little ladies for the day where Finesse will turn the music up and offer hairstyles of their choice as well as a makeover and a special gift to keep! All parents are welcome to join the experience and bring along any extras such as a birthday cake, party bags or even have a themed party!

Makeup Parties make it a day to remember as they each have their hair, nails and makeup for an affordable price per child - minimum 8 children.

The staff at Finesse are on hand to work with groups of different sizes so the girls can have fun together.

From experience of over 15 years with children's parties, we provide a variety of nail varnish colours, all types of makeup such as lip gloss, blusher, eyeshadow etc, as well as hairstyles, clips, glitter sprays and much more.